Did you know that Australians dump 7,150 recyclable plastic bags into landfills every minute or 429,000 bags every hour? *Clean Up Australia

Although plastic bags and many types of plastic packaging are recyclable,
at present they’re not able to be recovered through conventional recycling
channels in Australia. As a result, they are usually either disposed of in landfill
or transported offshore.

RED Group Holdings Pty Ltd was formed by a group of individuals who passionately believe that neither of these options is acceptable. One of their goals has been to create an innovative, closed-loop recycling model that encourages Australians, and particularly the next generation, to adopt a more sustainable approach to waste. The development and implementation of this Australian based, education initiative and recycling solution for plastic bags was the catalyst for the creation of RED Group and laid the groundwork for a business model that reconstructs the boundaries of the market.

The Story
At RED Group, collecting and recycling problematic waste is only part of the story. We do not believe it is enough to say that something is “recyclable” or even that is has been “recycled”. What makes us different is our integrated approach and focus on demonstrating in a tangible way that practical solutions exist for the most difficult (and common) types of waste such as plastic bags. And not only do these solutions exist, they are largely based here in Australia and can benefit Australian schools and communities. It is time to take a look at where Australia’s recovered recyclables are going and ask ourselves…“Is this the best option?”

Rethinking Recycling
The mission of the company is to create and define the concept of best practice recycling and RED Group is a business dedicated to “rethinking recycling” by:

  • Providing solutions for problematic waste streams with an initial focus on
  • plastics.
  • “Starting with the source”, creating opportunities for waste recovery that
  • are integrated into the everyday activities of consumers and the processes
  • of commercial industries.
  • Partnering with producers to develop and fulfil product stewardship
  • objectives.
  • Value adding to recovered materials, supporting the Australian recycling
  • industry.
  • Creating an innovative, closed loop recycling model that encourages
  • industry consumers, and the next generation to adopt a more sustainable
  • approach to waste.
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